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By combining powerful features with industry integrations, Hivot allows you to seamlessly manage whole project communication on any scale.

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One place for all your project data.

  • Easily create and manage multiple projects of any size
  • Build custom teams by inviting collaborators to your projects
  • Create breakout conversations within message threads to keep communication organized and streamlined.
Illustration of a project manager separating communication into multiple projects
Data, messages, and hashtags sorted into multiple files (visual representation of what hivot does)

A secure, digital filing cabinet.

  • Add tags to messages and files for seamless searching
  • Separate messages, files, and important information by project, team, and more
  • Archive completed projects for future reference

All of your notifications in one convenient place.

  • Integrate time-sensitive notifications from industry systems like Procore
  • Consolidate all project data into one platform
  • Seamlessly connect on-site and off-site workers
Visual representation of Hivot integrating procore notifications

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Easily organize team communication with projects
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Manage 1 on 1 communication with huddles
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Sync your contacts and build your network with connections
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Import time-sensitive updates from other apps with integrations
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Seamless Search
Find what you need, when you need it with seamless searching
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Home Feed
All your project communication in one place with home feed
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Hivot team illustration (multiple individuals with different roles on a construction jobsite communicating. The roles that can be seen are project manager, owner, contractor, field tech, and subcontractors.