All Your Project Data in One Place

Whether you have one project or fifty, whether your team has 5 members or 500, whether you're onsite or offsite, Hivot was built for you.

Keep your information organized.

Projects are the foundation of communication organization within Hivot. Each project allows you to custom build your team and house all relevant project and message data in one place, leaving less room for miscommunication.

Create message threads that don’t get tangled.

The main project thread can be used to communicate important information and updates to everybody on the project. When information is only relevant to a few of the people in your project, create a huddle. Huddles remain within the project, so you never have to sift through irrelevant information to find the conversation you are looking for.

All your projects in one place.

View and access all of your projects at any time in the projects tab. Once you complete a project, you can archive it. Archiving projects ensures that your projects tab is never crowded with outdated information while keeping all of your past data safe for future reference.

Ensuring 1-on-1 Conversations Don't Get Lost In The Shuffle.

Huddles are the easiest way to relay information to one or a few members of your project team. Huddles are created when you start a breakout thread from your main project thread. Huddles stay within the project thread that they were created from allowing for easy navigation.

No more crowded group chats.

With huddles, you are able to relay information to individuals that would have otherwise crowded your main project thread. This ensures that you aren’t wasting team members’ time by constantly flooding the chat with information that may only be relevant to a few people. Huddles are the perfect way to keep your team updated and streamline communication, saving time for everybody involved in your project.

Build up your network.

Use connections to instantly add any contacts who have created Hivot accounts. If you’re looking to add contacts without Hivot accounts, send them an invitation through the app and they will be added to your network once they accept. You can also create direct message conversations directly from your contacts if the person you want to communicate with isn’t a member of any of your projects.

Everything you need in one secure app.

Integrate industrial management systems to eliminate the hassle of checking multiple apps. All notifications from your integrated apps will show up on your Hivot home feed to ensure that you never miss an important update again.

Upcoming Integrations:
  • ProCore
  • Smartsheet
  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • MSuite
  • Stratus

A simpler way to search.

Hivot allows you to carefully curate all of your message content in real time. With features like tagging and app integrations, you're able to find exactly what you're looking for, all in one app.

Find what you need, when you need it.

Hivot’s seamless search feature allows you to locate specific content within your current and archived message threads, without the hassle of combing through every chat. You can easily zero in on specific project threads or huddles to find exactly what you are looking for.

Tag Your Content For Easy Searching.

Whenever a team member sends an important message, you can add tags to help you locate it in the future. Tags can be added when sending messages or after they have already been sent. You can add multiple tags for more specific searches and tag as many messages as you need to.

Built to work for you.

Your Hivot home feed is where you’ll find all of your message updates and integration notifications in chronological order. You can pin your most important conversations to the top of your home feed and apply filters to locate the exact content you are looking for.

Secure, Organized, Accessible.

When you communicate with Hivot, you are automatically building an organized record of all of your project data.

Data that belongs to you.

We believe that private message data should stay private, which is why we designed Hivot to ensure that your personal messages stay separate from your professional ones. Any chats that you send outside of work projects are private data that belong to you and only you.

Project ownership means data ownership.  

Owning a project means owning all the data housed within it. Access, review, and filter all of your past project data forever. Take control of your message data with additional features such as data science and in-depth data analysis.