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Day in The Life of an Architect

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March 31, 2022

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    Becoming an architect is a career path that can be as challenging as it is rewarding. However, this is also a field that many seem to be intimidated by. This appears to be primarily because it is a high-paying position that requires hard work and dedication to succeed. Nevertheless, if you possess certain skills and a willingness to learn, it is certainly a worthwhile career path. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at a day in the life of an architect.

    What is an architect?

    For those who are yet unfamiliar, an architect is someone who is professionally trained in the art and science of business design. They are tasked with the development of structures and concepts that are then used to generate plans and images, which ultimately become blueprints and tangible buildings and other structures.

    What do architects do?

    Specifically, architects draft plans for things such as hotels, homes, office buildings, stores, and other types of structures. They may be responsible for private and public structures and spaces, both indoor and outdoor. They are tasked with meeting with various business owners, government officials, and visionaries to help them bring their visions to life. They are expected to plan and plot every detail, including electrical wiring, door and window placement, appliance placement, HVAC, etc.

    Moreover, if you are interested in becoming an architect, you will be responsible for the following:

    Meeting with Clients:

    One of the most basic responsibilities of an architect is meeting with clients. This is because the clients are the ones who are actually invested in the building of these buildings and structures. So, before you can begin working on the job, you will need to meet with the client to find out their goal, plan, and vision.

    Create a Budget:

    Once you have met with the client, you will then be charged with creating a budget. This means you will give them an estimation of how much it will cost to build the structure based on the size and composition of the building or structure.

    Create the Plan:

    Your next responsibility is to create the plan. This will include creating things such as scaled drawings, hand drawings, 3D renderings, building modeling, and more. After this step is completed, you and your client should be on the same page.

    Creating Contracts:

    Next, you will need to take the time to draft contracts. Not only will you need to come to an agreement in terms of how much you can get paid, but you will also need to help negotiate contracts with contractors, vendors, construction companies, and more. They may also be expected to help the client collect construction bids, choose the proper contractors, and more.

    Types of Architects?

    • Industrial
    • Conservation
    • Landscape
    • Interior
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Sustainable

    Skills required

    Becoming an architect requires education. However, it also requires that you possess certain skills. Some of which are as follows:

    Interpersonal Communication:

    One of the top skills required to become a successful architect is interpersonal communication. This is because you will be required to meet with a wide array of professionals. Therefore, you will need to know how to ask open-ended questions and find the most efficient methods of acquiring information and closing deals.

    Creative Design/Vision:

    You should also possess creative design/vision. This is because, as an architect, you must take the words and phrases of clients and create pictures/ 3D renderings, etc., which will then be used to build structures and buildings. Although some of this can be taught, being innately artistic and creative can be a major asset when entering into this business.


    Given that you will be tasked with negotiating your own fees as well as helping to negotiate the contracts on behalf of your client, you should be seasoned in negotiation.

    Technical Skills:

    The creating and drafting of the drawings and renderings is a highly technical process. Therefore, you will need to have skills such as math, science, and other related skills.

    Practical Skills:

    On the other hand, you will also need practical skills such as organization, timeline management, etc.

    Education Required

    Becoming an architect is a major undertaking that requires lots of skills and education. Here is an overview of the education required to become one.

    Acquire a high school diploma or GED:

    One of the first steps you need to take to become an architect is acquiring your high school diploma or GED. Since becoming an architect does require a college education, this is a step that cannot be skipped.

    Get a bachelor’s degree:

    Next, you will need to attend a 4-year institution to acquire a bachelor’s degree. However, it will likely take you five years to earn your degree. The architectural track is very tedious and requires you to attend a Bachelor of Architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. These programs include courses on environmental systems, construction methods, CADD, graphic representation, etc.

    Earn a Master’s:

    Although it isn’t required, many go on to earn a Master’s degree in architecture as well. This is a process that can take anywhere from 1 to five years. Once completed, you will be a more educated architect and will also appear more reputable to all potential clients.


    With the help of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, which manages the Architectural Experience Program, graduates must complete 3,740 training hours to hone skills such as practice/project management, programming and analytics, and project planning, project development/documentation, and construction/evaluation.

    Get Certified:

    In order to work independently, future architects must pass the Architect Registration Examination. Once you have passed this exam, you can submit your record to your chosen jurisdiction to obtain your license.

    Average Salary

    The average salary of an architect in America is $107,945.

    Overall, becoming an architect can be a difficult path to take. Nevertheless, anyone who has the will and intelligence can definitely become a successful one.

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